Massingir, 01 June (LNP) – In a ceremony held in Mabalane and lead by the Governor of Gaza Province, Mr Diomba, a cheque for 1,387,303.20 Mt  (Est €32,000) was handed over to Park communities. The cheque represented the communities 20% share of revenues for 2013 and the handover ceremony was attended by the Park and representatives of Massingir, Mabalane and Chicualacuala district governments and communities.

In his speech, Diomba urged beneficiaries to continue to use the money to the benefit of communities through implementation of development projects with the potential of further income generation for communities.

According to Fernando Malhaule, member of Massingir community, the Park has transferred the communities share of revenues to the communities every year since 2006 when the park began to generate revenues. He stated that the communities had invested these funds in the construction of a craft center, rehabilitation of classrooms and potable water supply systems. Last years’ revenue sharing funding was used to fund the creation livestock associations who would pay back the loans in future years though livestock sales.
In addition to the Parks various community projects such as the 18 community irrigation schemes implemented in the Buffer Zone, the Park has to date handed over to communities a total 20% revenue sharing amount of 7,526,962 Mt (est €190,000).