On 31st July 2013 Parque Nacional do Limpopo celebrated World Field Ranger day with an event held at Massingir. The event, held annually around the world recognises and thanks Field Rangers for their hard work and dedication in protecting Conservation areas.

The event started with the planting of trees at the Park’s Massingir Gate and Arrival center. The trees were supplied from the Park’s Chibotane community nursery and were planted by the Park Administrator Mr Antonio Abacar, the Community Programme coordinator Ms Ricardina Matusse as well as Ms Lourdes, the Park community extensionist responsible for the Community nursery implementation.

In addressing the Field Rangers, Mr Antonio Abacar communicated that over the past year since the last World Field Ranger day the Park had focused on Protection department improvements. This included the improvement of living conditions with the recent purchase of new tents, beds and matrasses as well as the completion of the construction of Mapai Field Ranger base, repair of Pafuri Field Ranger base and improvements underway at Massingir Field Ranger base. New equipment had also been acquired including the remobilisation of former Park rifles and purchase of an additional 30 rifles.

Parque Nacional do Limpopo continues to play a critical role in rhino anti poaching operations…

The Field Rangers presented the Park management and Peace Parks Foundation certificates of appreciation for the increased efforts in improving the Field Ranger living and working conditions.