Celebrating World Ranger Day

The South African Wildlife College has instituted revised training interventions for rangers. This is because they often find themselves in the middle of war zones and other challenging conditions.

World Ranger Day was celebrated on 31 July. These brave men and women daily put their lives on the line in protecting the earth’s natural resources. Here in Africa they often find themselves in the middle of war zones and proper training is thus of utmost importance.

RangersDuring the training of field rangers, African Field Ranger Training Services, a division of the Southern African Wildlife College, focuses on preparing and developing individuals to meet these challenges head on.

The rangers are often placed in close proximity to their homes and villages and have to deal with situations that most of us would not care to confront. For example, they might walk into a situation where they have to arrest friends, family or colleagues, or be asked to take a bribe by providing information that will assist poaching syndicates.

The recent spate of field ranger arrests has highlighted the need to prepare trainee field rangers to deal with these types of situations. Threats, intimidation and bribes in various forms can derail the training a field ranger has received and additional efforts are being made to prepare them for these situations.

The response to the revised training interventions has been very positive. It has also capitalised on using field rangers already working in the field to help mentor trainee field rangers. During a recent training intervention, 120 National Treasury Jobs Fund learners, who are to be deployed back to their workplaces in various provinces of South Africa, spent time with Kruger National Park rangers, who have proven their commitment and honesty.

These courageous and committed men and women, many of whom are at the top of their law enforcement careers, made an indelible impression on the younger learners. With a proven track record of being incorruptible, they have helped convince these learners to remain true to their calling. Coupled with this, is the healthy spirit and teamwork during training that support any field ranger who may be challenged to deviate from the moral and honest path required for law enforcement.
(Information: The Southern African Wildlife College)