The JMB has embarked on an institutional reform process which will provide for the establishment of three Joint Park Managers Committee (PMCs) be established between core areas of the GLTP. The committee will strengthen cross-border law enforcement, management of cross-border products and other joint management issues.

The proposed institutional reform process will follow these key principles:

  • Balance between political will, strategic overview and effective implementation (i.e. policy development & implementation)
  • Overall goal of sustainability, efficiency & effectiveness
  • Continuity in institutional arrangements, including membership
  • Focus on park level collaboration & implementation – especially in light of need to address protection issues (rhino poaching)
  • Inclusivity and development of strategic and effective partnerships
  • Focus on both the collaborative management of GLTP and future development of GLTFCA

The implmentation of the instituional reform strategy will completed in phases, initially focused on the following:

  • Increased focus on policy development and advocacy through the JMB
  • Establishment of a pilot Joint Park Management Committee to faciliate the effective implementation of both the GLTP and GLTFCA