The GLTFCA presents a unique opportunity to use tourism development to facilitate regional ecosystem conservation based socio-economic development. The GLTFCA has identified a range of cross-border tourism opportunities that can be developed within the transboundary initiative and in partnership with a range of key stakeholders. These products include transboundary wilderness trails, 4×4 trails, and the development of a cross-border tourism node within the Pafuri/Sengwe area that forms the heart of the GLTFCA.

Following the success of the pilot Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (GLTP) Trans-Limpopo Walking Trail & Shangaan Festival, held on 27-30 September 2013, the JMB has decided to proceed with the further implementation of cross-border tourism products in the GLTP. This will support the development of a range of cross border tourism products, including various cross border wilderness trails between Limpopo National Park and Kruger National Park, as well as between South Africa and Zimbabwe in the Pafuri / Sengwe area. These include the establishment of the Trans-Limpopo Walking Trail & Shangaan Festival and the pilot Tour de Limpopo in the Pafuri Node in 2014, with the planning and development of the Shingwedzi Cliffs Trails and Adventure Camp that will be launched towards mid 2015.