Africa Leaders’ Dialogue: IUCN World Parks Congress, 15 November 2014 at 10:00

Dear World Parks Congress Participant
With reference to our previous invitation for you to form part of the Africa Leaders Dialogue to take place on 15 November at 10:00-12:00 in the Clydesdale room, and in preparation for this meeting we kindly wish to bring the following to your attention:

• The Africa Leaders dialogue will be the forum at which the “Africa Promise” for the future of conservation in Africa, will be discussed and defined. The “Africa Promise” will feed into the overall “Sydney Promise,” to guide the future thinking of conservationists in the next decade.
• During the meeting, seven Africa Conservation and Business Leaders will each, within five minutes, share a diverse range of conservation highlights in Africa, where after they will guide us in what they think the “Africa Promise” should be, to shape the future of conservation in Africa.
• These proposed promises will be discussed in group sessions by those present to add value and extend such promises. We would like to ensure that the outcome will be that of the Africa Leaders guiding future generations.
• During the dialogue you will have the opportunity to ensure that your ideas regarding the Africa promise are captured by writing them on colour coded cards per topic discussed.
• If you wish to raise any ideas ahead of the Africa promise, you are welcome to forward them to the facilitators by 5pm, Friday 14th November – for English, please forward to Chris Marais ( and for French to Paul Telfer (
• You are reminded of the attached points of departure, which will guide all participants towards the “African Promise”.
• If you have not confirmed your participation kindly do so at your earliest convenience to Mr Nicholas Cox (, and copied to Ms Roxana Bucioaca (
• As we will have only two hours for this dialogue, you are kindly requested to be timeous and support the flow of events to optimise the opportunity to get the maximum input from all.

Your participation in the Africa Leaders Dialogue is highly appreciated, as this is an opportunity to contribute in shaping the future of conservation in Africa and the World.

We wish you a safe journey, looking forward seeing you in Sydney!
Yours sincerely,
Julia Marton-Lefèvre
Director General